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As management is a highly intricate art which is applicable to any given domain such as finance, natural resources, human resources or technological resources, the scope of these journals is very vast. Management journals deal with every aspect of management and showcase, scholarly theoretical and empirical research articles which have a high impact on the field of management. Management journals are covering research on all aspects of management as well as the related field of industrial and organizational psychology.

List of Some fast publishing Scopus indexed journals in Management. These following journals are published by Elsevier and Springer.

Electronic commerce Research and Applications: This journal Subject area is Management of Technology and Innovation, Marketing, Computer Networks and Communications, Computer Science Applications.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science: This journal is a Springer publication journal contains Marketing subject only. After these there are some other journals of management which are fast publishing Scopus indexed journals.

Journal of High Technology Management Research: This journal covers area in Management of Technology and innovation, Marketing strategy and Management, Computer Science Applications, Information Systems and Management.

Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics: This Journal is a Elsevier publication journal which contains only accounting subject.

International Journal of accounting information systems: This journal covers Accounting, Management Information Systems, Information Systems and Management, Finance etc.

Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation: It is also an Elsevier publication journal contains accounting and finance subject.

The SCMS journal of Indian Management is a Scopus Indexed Journal since 2018. It is UGC approved, double-blind peer-reviewed, quarterly journal on business and management embedded in EBSCO, Index Copernicus, J-Gate, ICI and Ulrich’s.

UGC Approved Journals in Business & Management. These are:  Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, Electronic Commerce Research, Information Technology and Management, Journal of Brand Management, Management International Review, Service Business, Review of Managerial Science, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Electronic Markets, Asian Business and Management.

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