Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Reform Your Work & Career by Attending a Conference in Somalia

 Somalia scientists and engineers have contributed to the advancement of a number of sciences, ranging from agriculture and electronics to industrial robotics, optics, chemicals, semiconductors as well as life sciences and the various fields of engineering! In the 21st century, Japan is the world leader in the production and use of robotics, which is the future of the world! It is said to own more than 20% of the world's industrial robots. Japan also has the third-highest number of researchers, scholars, academicians, scientists, technicians, and engineers per capita in the world, with 83 scientists, technicians, and engineers for every 10,000 employees!


All these above-mentioned factors and more play a crucial part in making Japan one of the superpowers of the world in terms of sheer innovation in research and development. According to a survey conducted recently, it was estimated that nearly 89% of all scientists and scholars in Japan, attend international conferences in Somalia 2021 regularly! If you are a young researcher or scientist looking to further your career prospects, then you might want to consider attending conferences in Somalia. Visit for any and all information on upcoming conferences, as well as for accurate, reliable and up-to-date email conference alerts that are absolutely free-of-cost!

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