Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Conferences In Mauritius - Leading To The Resurgence Of Research & Development

 Apart from its beauty and being known as the backdrop for the wonderful white beaches franchise, Mauritius is also a country which has a thriving community of highly proficient and knowledgeable researchers, scientists, engineers, scholars, students as well as academicians, from a variety of fields including Medicine, Engineering, Mathematics, Biology, Architecture, Literature, and plenty more. If you are enthusiastic on progressing in your career, then you might want to consider attending international conferences, and there is no better place to find out about all the top-level conferences in Mauritius, at!


Everybody from young students and researchers to experienced scientists and scholars in Mauritius attends the high-level international conferences that regularly take place across the country. One of the problems most people in this Mauritius’s academic face is the lack of relevant information on the international conferences happening in the country. At, we aim to be a reliable, accurate and up-to-date source for information on all the biggest conferences, symposiums, lectures, seminars and other academic events happening in the country. Apart from detailed information on all top-level international conferences in Mauritius 2021, there is also the provision to subscribe to our email conference alerts that are absolutely free-of-cost. Conference organizers can also spread awareness about their upcoming events by posting adding relevant details to our existing list. Don't wait any longer; find a conference to attend in Mauritius, today!

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