Friday, 18 September 2015

Think to attend conference, Just feel

When one need to attain any conference or seminar he/she needs find out the best Organizers who organizes highly reputed International Conferences near to the city or the places he/she like to visit. The basic criteria to find such a conference is very difficult due to many factors involved like past conference track records, Publications, awards and excellence, eminent speakers or guests ,Organizing or editorial board associated with the conference etc. The question comes in mind, is there any reliable expert exist who can suggest us the best suitable one?

Definitely the answer is yes. We are having a group of highly dedicated research team who continuously monitors such events and make them listed at our website if the organizer full fills our highly 20 point criteria , so one could get the best experience while attending the event.

We at response every inquiry mail within one working hour .Our highly talented and dedicated team comprises of Experienced IT professionals, Researchers who continuously monitors the Organizer and their activity and progress related to conferences or seminars, Relationship Managers and many more. That’s  why we have been receiving  more and more responses from difference Govt. Universities, both Govt. and Private non Profit research associations , Research Societies, Students, Professors, Industry personnel etc. . We are proud to have more than 100 Subscriptions every day and more than 5000 visitors in every 24hrs .We are also a registered nonprofit Organization with a mission to promote the research activities in India and empower our scientific Community by providing the most useful information about best upcoming International and national Conferences with a good work ethics. We continuously work to support the research activities which makes proud and the best alert portal in India about the Conferences and Seminars in India

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